US - Understanding and Enabling Adoption

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About the Book

"The book is an excellent resource for the young adults of India to discover the contributions they can make towards adoption without necessarily being an adoptive parent"

Dr Aloma Lobo
Former Chairperson CARA

Us. provides an insight into adoption that every member of the society needs to develop.

It carries you through a child's journey into adoption and develops an appreciation of yeomen service rendered by host of intermediaries like the doctors, foster are homes, placement agencies, lawyers to name a few. It challenges the notion of suitability of the child, instead seeks compatibility and capability of parents to provide for the child. In doing so, it uses examples from our daily lives, a cross sectional view of adoption from across the globe and presents graphic details of adoption hitherto not discussed in any social event, media, school curriculum or public forum.

Us. presents a child centric framework towards adoption and defines the role for each of us in participating in the adoption cycle as practitioners, professionals, employers, responsible family members and friends. It urges to develop a proactive and objective understanding of adoption so as to establish institutions that could enable adoption through empirical research, professional services and tools.

It is about the bonds, relationships and choices that we make. It is equally about the bonds, relationships and choices that we enable others to make.


It is about Us.